Linking places and people

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Created by Mаbel Mirаndа and Alexandre Guibourt, we are a multidisciplinary architectural studio based in Paris (FR), Belgrade (SB) and Lima (PE).


1PAX  (one passenger)  : We believe in a human-scaled architecture where displacements and usages make sense, creating well-being, healthy environments and positive emotions.

Multidisciplinary architects, we use architecture to foster the local activities and to bring them closer to the global perspectives in all their diversity. We search to promote a more sustainable way of living in the heart of our cities, countrysides and all our travels.


Architecture + Mobility + Urbanism: We consider our projects as opportunities to create intersections and bridges between every neighborhood, every region and every culture.

1PAX brings together architects and engineers in a single design team. This asset guarantees a capacity of innovation and a smart implementation of the projects’ technical requirements for the quest of the best architectural answer.

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    We conceive the city and territory planning , buildings and their interior design by mastering BIM modeling and management tools into a fully integrated and collaborative approach.

    1PAX is the combination of:

    • Creative architecture and Engineering expertise
    • Rigor and agility
    • Methodology and vision
    • Strategy and pragmatism
    • Construction and sensibility to nature
    • The feeling of a social link conveyed in our projects and its relevance in the city.

    1PAX are : Architects, Engineers, Urban Planners, Designers, Inhabitants, Travelers.

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      Transportation Buildings
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      Urbanism and Masterplan
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      Interior Design and Commercial
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